Digital Growth Community & Legacy Builders Program

I am so excited to share with you the launch of the NEW Digital Growth Community and Legacy Builders Program! A dear friend of mine introduced me to this community recently and I am forever grateful for her sharing this information with me. As a constant learner, this program will keep me occupied – the possibilities to explore are endless!

Let me explain. The Legacy Builders Program is a new program founded to expand on some previously available digital marketing information. The previous information is still around, but this new program expands on it in exponential ways. The founder, Michele, discovered that COMMUNITY was the key here. Not money, but rather “How can I best serve others with this information?” This is not a new concept and there is no surprise she has had so much success building a following and her own program.

Here are some key points, in my own words, to summarize this program:

  • “Done for you” business – basically a business in a box that you can easily set up and modify to suit your needs.
  • No tech skills or previous experience required! If you can follow directions, you can easily set this up.
  • NOT an MLM or affiliate marketing system. This teaches you REAL skills to run an online business.
  • LOW costs to get started. You can join the program for as little as $100 + a $29 website fee.
  • No monthly costs to get this set up. Your $29 website fee gets you access to the training that teaches you how to set up your funnel and email campaign for FREE.
  • COMMUNITY! I can’t even begin to explain the supportive community behind this program. Over 13,000 members strong as of the time of this writing.
  • Weekly tech and mentoring calls to help support you in your business.

I’d like to add a little more info regarding the cost to join the program. There are four levels you can join at: $100, $300, $600, and $900. This is a one-time cost – you pay only once and have lifetime access to the training and community. Each level gets you more training to expand on your business knowledge. If you look at the $900 option and think to yourself “I can’t afford that!”, then you are already stuck in a lack mentality. Could you scrape up $100 just to learn the basics? It’s likely most folks could do that. Pay $100, learn the basics, get started, make three sales – UPGRADE! Now you’re on to the next level of learning. Can you afford NOT to try this?

So what do I personally plan to do with this information? Well if you know me at all, you know I am seeing so many learning possibilities here. I couldn’t even begin to explain them all right now. I am exploring alternate ways of promoting the program that are a bit outside the box compared to their training. In the very near future, I’d like to set up my own community to discuss and and explore these options. Not that I don’t want to share in the main community – perhaps I will once I test some things. For now, I feel my exploration doesn’t fully fit with their vision. No reason I can’t share my own vision with others on my terms though.

You may have also noticed that I set up a new website for this venture. I do plan to post about it here as well. The new site is more for my exploration of different things: course building to drive traffic, affiliate marketing, AI exploration, whatever my heart desires.

So what’s stopping you from clicking on any of the images above to learn more about this opportunity? You have nothing to lose by being curious, that much I do know. What if…

What if… this was the one thing you were looking for that could completely change your life in ways you never imagined? What if…

Dream into that a little please.