How NOT To Impress People As a Coach

I recently connected with a coach in a group I’m in. We were paired up one on one as part of a demonstrated exercise. I found her very interesting to talk to and I wanted to learn more, so I connected with her outside of the group.

I learned this coach had a membership that she was opening up again after revamping it. This membership had multiple levels you could join at, with the lowest level being just $10 a month or $100 for a year. She was really pushing this membership level on social media and I was curious to learn about her offerings, so I jumped on that deal. I learned that she also has a free Facebook group and runs monthly networking Zoom calls. I certainly was intrigued to find out what she was all about!

Less than a month after joining this coach’s group, her tone completely changed. Post after post on social media about how she was eliminating the low paying level because those were not the type of people she wanted to serve. Not the energy she wanted to attract into her life. HUH? But I just got here! And I was willing to pay to learn a little more, even at the lower level.

I wasn’t sure what this meant for my membership, so I reached out via email and point blank asked her. She was professional in her reply and explained that she was prorating a couple of months and sending the rest back to me. OK then!! Maybe the universe is doing me a favor here?

The irony of this situation is that the group we are both in is very heart centered. It promotes inclusion, safety, and making people feel like they can be seen and heard. I am very drawn to these principles. In the short time of knowing this coach, I witnessed quite the opposite in how she serves people. I really wonder why she is part of that group of she if not there to serve their mission.

I completely respect the decision she made and she is free to attract the people she wants in her life. More power to her for knowing what she wants. I am so grateful that I was immediately cut free from her world because that is not the type of energy **I** want to attract into MY life! I didn’t belong in her world and I am thankful the universe so quickly shut that door for me.

I AM heart centered, not money centered, and I know the type of people I’d like to serve in my life. People much like me! I still don’t know what that looks like, but I DO know that when the time comes – there WILL be a free group option, as well as a low cost group option. I know where will be those that are curious for more like I was. Those are my people and who I am here to serve.