Did You Know I Am A Time Bender?

“A what?” you may ask. Yes – a Time Bender! In the original definitions of Human Design, I am known as a Manifesting Generator. That’s great and all, but what the heck does that even MEAN? It’s not something I have ever completely resonated with. However in the modern Quantum Human Design definitions… WHOA! That’s me!!

Let’s back up a bit here. You don’t know anything about Human Design? Well I can help there too. Let me introduce you to my friend, Jahje. She is AMAZING when it comes to explaining Human Design. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to your own personal Human Design; but perhaps more importantly, she is now diving into the world of exploring these concepts in a family structure. I would encourage you to go check out her page and at the very least, get your FREE Human Design chart. That and Jahje is just plain FUN to get to know! She would LOVE to have a conversation with you if you want to do a deeper dive into your chart. I’ve never seen someone more energized about a topic! It’s well worth having a conversation with her.

So what exactly does being a Time Bender mean to me? Oh boy… that’s something I’m still diving into and learning about. All I know is if you’ve seen me work, you get it. You just get it.

I like to consult The Encyclopedia of Quantum Human Design* by Karen Curry Parker for my research. It is a wealth of knowledge that will keep you occupied for quite some time as you work through understanding your own design. That’s why I recommend you connect with someone like Jahje to help you sort through and understand better. It does make a difference.

I’ve always known I had a rather interesting way of working through projects, finding solutions, improving processes. That’s precisely why I excel in my job! It’s very suited to who I AM, deep down inside. I’m grateful that I’m starting to understand this more, that this is my strength, and that I’m learning how to work with it and expand on it.

Being a Time Bender means I can do a lot at once, learn quickly, speed through projects efficiently, and move on to the next thing. Oh wait – doesn’t this sound a bit familiar? Well, well… isn’t it funny that I’m a Multipotentialite? I’m both surprised, yet not at all, that the two tie together so nicely.

My multi-tasking skills are rather interesting to see in person. I was training a coworker recently and they commented that I was “all over the place.” Oh, but am I really? After a while they realized that, while they were lost and confused, I knew exactly what was going on with every piece to the puzzle. I can hop back and forth between emails, files, the program we work in, and conversations, and handle everything seemingly at the same time. I’m used to this, but it cracks me up when others see it and get lost immediately!

One aspect of my human design that really opened my eyes up a bit was learning that I respond best with yes/no questions. Whoa… this explains so much in my life!! I’m smart and I really know what I am talking about a lot of the time, but sometimes questions trip me up. Filling out forms for programs just makes me roll my eyes. “What do you want to learn from this class?” I DON’T KNOW!! That question serves no purpose in my life and only frustrates me. And yes, frustration is a strong component of being a Time Bender. Makes perfect sense and I’m still learning how to work with this.

I understand now that it’s up to me to reframe those questions to better suit my brain. Yes, it’s very helpful when others around me understand yes/no works best, but I can’t expect anyone to KNOW how my brain functions. In the question above, what I might want to learn from a class or program, I suppose I could start listing possible learning concepts on the subject and yes/no my way through them. Wow. This is something I wish I understood a LONG time ago. Asking better questions is a skill I could certainly grow and it’s a very exciting thought for me to explore! I like that.

Interestingly enough, I am taking some training now that is built around the question asking. I eventually want to build a community of like minded individuals and this training is building up to that. The most useful thing I have learned so far is better understanding how MY mind works and how I might want to work that information into what I am building. I am not the only person in the world whose mind works like this and I truly believe I am best suited to serve those who are a lot like me. Open ended questions may work for some, but others like me function best with the simple yes/no. I am starting to see how I can build on this concept, make things easier on myself, and help others at the same time. That’s an exciting thought!

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