Did You Know I Am A Multipotentialite?

I’m not one for labels in most cases, but this label is FUN! I resonate with it so much. If you haven’t run across the term “multipotentialite” yet, you may be in for a treat learning about it. I would highly recommend you watch Emilie Wapnick’s TED talk if you have not yet seen it. Even better – watch again even if you have seen it. It’s just that good.

If you’re looking for more information on the subject, Emilie runs a wonderful website called Puttylike. Check it out if you’d like to learn more about what this term might mean for you.

Now, what does being a multipotentialite mean to ME? Well… that’s what I’ve been exploring lately. Several people say that describes me perfectly. Some also resonate with the term. Some most definitely do NOT resonate and that’s ok too of course. Plenty misunderstand the concept at first. Here are some ways that being a multipotentialite impacts me:

  • I LOVE to learn new things! If I see a subject I want to learn about, I just dive right in and learn. I have a wide variety of interests and have learned many skills over the years.
  • I’m a quick learner! I can pick up the basics very quickly and take a deeper dive if it’s a subject I want to pursue further.
  • I can lose interest in something just as quickly as I gained interest. I may move on from a subject just as fast as I arrived there – and that’s ok! That’s just part of how I learn things. Besides, not everything is for me.
  • I do NOT have ADHD. Having ADHD and being a multipotentialite are two separate things. You can have ADHD and be a multipotentialite. You can also not have ADHD and be a multipotentialite. I fall in this category.
  • I’m very adaptable. I have many skillsets and can quickly switch between tasks. This often confuses people that watch me work and aren’t used to my style.
  • I have a passionately curious nature. This is what drives me to learn so many new things. I’m curious about them and want to know how the world works. For me, the learning journey is what’s important and not necessarily the end goal.
  • I tend to EMBRACE change! I bring a lot of changes into my life by my own doing. Changes I didn’t cause don’t always go over smoothly, but I feel I’m better equipped to handle change because I’m so used to it.
  • I can balance many different projects at once. Again – this can confuse others that aren’t used to my working style. I always seem to have a good understanding of the subject at hand, even if we were just talking about an unrelated subject.
  • Specialization challenges me. This tidbit in particular confuses me to no end! I’m a bit confused as to how I have managed to work for the same company for so many years, when I generally don’t like to specialize in just one thing. My job has changed quite a bit over the years, bringing on new challenges to explore more often than I care to. That’s the only explanation I can come up with here.
  • My problem solving skills are top notch! I really have an interesting perspective when it comes to life and I have the ability to look at things differently. Yes, even the same challenge can perplex me for a long time – then I wake up one day and solve the problem! This skill alone has gotten me where I am in life and is one of my most valued skills.

So tell me – did you learn anything new you didn’t already know about me? Or did you know all these points before reading this?

I LOVE this aspect of my personality and I wouldn’t trade being a multipotentialite for anything! This is simply who I am meant to be and I think that’s GREAT!