Animal Medicine Card Pull For 2022

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2022 is going to be MY year! I made that declaration quite a while ago and honestly, why can’t it be MY year? The year is going to be what I make of it anyway. MY choices and decisions, the things I choose to do and the direction I decide to go. Anyone that knows me knows that 22 has always been my number. So what better year to declare MY year than this one?

To start off 2022, I pulled an animal medicine card for guidance. Bat? Hmm… interesting. I have never pulled that card before. Here is what bat means:

Bat Animal Medicine Meaning

Well isn’t that an interesting card to pull for the year? All I can say to that is: Bring it ON!

What does this mean in my life exactly? I’m really not sure at the moment. I choose to be open to whatever I attract this year. It sounds like it’s going to be quite the interesting year for me and I am excited for the changes this year will bring into my life!

I have been craving change in recent months. However, I know it’s up to me to create the changes I want. How do I plan to do this? I am setting the intention to be open, curious, playful, creative, inspiring, passionate, fascinating, adventurous, AUTHENTIC.

As I have recently learned, authenticity is one of my top values. Specifically, being my authentic self in ALL aspects of my life. Really discovering who I am and sharing that with the world. I know I’ve said it a million times before, but I plan to SHOW UP this year. In the past, I allowed life to get in the way. I also allowed myself to play small and stay hidden. I’m done with all that though. I need to share my authentic self with the world. I have the ability to inspire others and help bring out authenticity in them as well. While I may not (yet) know HOW to do that, I am still open and willing to take the steps forward and figure things out as I go.

So here’s to imperfect action, taking baby steps forward, experimenting with new things, having fun, and BEing AUTHENTIC! Also, here’s to burning shit that no longer serves me and inviting in new energies that are aligned with who I actually am!

Burning what no longer serves me