Stop Living In The Past And Start Living For Today

I am getting tired of being around people that are stuck in the PAST! The past is just that – the PAST!

Too many I know drone on and on and on about how this person wronged them, how this situation occurred, how this happened, how that happened. It’s exhausting to listen to!

Yes the past serves a purpose to understand where someone is coming from, but there’s no need to dwell on it. Good or bad memories, they are in the past.

I want to be around people that are enjoying the NOW. I want to talk about dreams and visions, and what’s going on TODAY. How are you TODAY? What are you up to right now? What are you learning? Anything fun going on? Any plans for the weekend or are you just relaxing? Tell me what’s going on with you these days.

And yes, I understand there are bad days that go along with the good days. That’s called LIFE. We ALL have those days. It’s all in how you approach them. Venting a little is normal and healthy. Tossing in “Why does this ALWAYS happen to me?” or “Why can’t I catch a break?!” is not healthy.

What purpose does this kind of thinking even serve? Believe me, I don’t always think I’m doing life “correctly”, but I get by ok. I guess I learned, somewhere along the lines, to approach problems a little differently. Ok, this SUCKS – now what?  How do I fix this, correct this, find a solution, move forward? Oh it hasn’t always been easy, that’s for sure! It seems to get me through situations though. Wouldn’t that mean there’s something to this approach?

I find it rather fun to approach life from a solution-based perspective. I get to learn new things every day with this approach. Did I really WANT to learn about DKIM and SPF – and do I really want to learn about DMARC – when it comes to my emails? Perhaps not, but I am learning about them and that’s only going to better me going forward.

It’s not just tech either. I’ll dive in and learn just about anything that suits me at the moment. Learn photo editing? Great! Learn wire wrapping? Great! Learn water colors? Great! I just love learning!! If I don’t like what I just learned, I’ll move on. No big deal. It wasn’t at all a waste of my time. Let’s move forward.

This is why sometimes it seems like I’m just flitting from project to project, always doing new things and never settling on ONE thing. That’s just who I AM. It’s ME. Take it or leave it. It’s what makes my life fascinating and fun. It’s what keeps me in the NOW and keeps me moving forward.