Some Days My Brain And I Don’t Get Along

perplexed look

Some days I feel AMAZING! And then…

My mind just crashes and I want to bang my head against the wall.

There is absolutely NO logical reason for this! Sometimes there are triggers, but most of the time I can’t identify a trigger. It’s like my brain just has ENOUGH and shuts down.

I’m learning to work with this though. Pay attention to what is going on and just allow things to unfold as they need to. This is having some interesting effects.

Sometimes sleep helps and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I wake up and feel amazing again and sometimes I wake up feeling the same. Today is one of those days where I feel the same for some reason.

However… the words are starting to flow. The ideas are starting to come, slowly and one by one. That’s ok! I’ll take whatever the universe is willing to give me. The last few days, I’ve felt the nudge to do Insta stories. Today, I felt nudged to post a blog entry. Inspired action. That’s what I am opening up to more and more each day.

A class I am taking isn’t really resonating with me and that’s ok! The class is based more on the “MASSIVE ACTION” premise when I am feeling more aligned with “inspired action” these days. There is a TON of good content in this class and I am choosing to take what I need from it and not allow the things I don’t fully resonate with bog me down.

Bit by bit I am moving forward. I’m taking cues from the inspiration I get. The more I act on, the more inspiration is coming to me. It’s a slow process and I am learning to be ok with that. Allow. Be inspired.

The whole point of this course is to TAKE ACTION and do it NOW! That’s not what I’m looking for in life. That’s not what I’m all about. Yes it may work for some, but I’m learning it doesn’t always work for ME. Yes I take action when need be. There’s no pressure behind it though. It’s the action I FEEL I need to take, not the action that I feel is demanded of me from external sources.

I feel I am gaining more and more traction as a result of following the inspired action. Could I gain more traction quicker by taking MASSIVE action? Maybe. That won’t take me very far, very fast if I’m not aligned with it though.

So I feel I just need to keep moving forward. Keep paying attention to the cues around me and act on them as I see fit. I’m not going to feel aligned with everything out there, every teacher that is available to learn from.

I am a firm believer that everyone can help *someone*, but everyone can’t help every person out there. All I can do is be ME. Keep moving forward and INSPIRE in whatever ways just come to me. Inspire via inspired action.

Perhaps my brain really is working for me after all, in ways I don’t fully understand just YET.