Tell Me How You Really Feel

She’d been struggling lately. Life more challenging than she preferred these days.

Work extra demanding. Personal things going on at home. Sickness lingering. Mother just unbearable most days.

She thought she could talk to him. Thought maybe he could understand and sympathize with the situation.

All those countless hours spent listening to him vent about everyone in his life. Is this not a two way street?

She opened up, just a little. A couple anger filled sentences aimed at her mother. She just wanted someone to listen. Nothing more.

“Tell me how you really feel 😜”

And that was it. Conversation over.

Oh there was more. More she would have been willing to share. But how? How, when she doesn’t feel heard?

Does he notice the silence? Does he even realize she doesn’t have much to say anymore?

Perhaps there’s a reason for that?

Does he even see the sadness? Does anyone?

Does anyone even notice the silence?

She’s doing her best. It’s all she knows how to do.

She has allowed too many people to silence her along the way and she’s sick of it.

She wants her voice back! She wants to be seen and heard!

Isn’t that what everyone wants?

*This post is part of a writing challenge I’m partaking in. Stories may be true, embellished, or… completely made up. Only I will ever know. 🙃