How Can I Serve In The World?

Lately I’ve been feeling a strong urge to serve in this world. HOW? How can I make an impact on the world?

A few weeks ago, a friend posted a video about the animal medicine card she pulled and that inspired me to pull a card. Raccoon? Interesting…

Raccoon medicine card

Raccoon is all about helping others. Specifically, helping others help themselves. This is very much in line with how I want to serve others. I haven’t figured out how to go about this yet. I’m just feeling a strong pull to find the answers.

I need to watch for signs, watch for a starting point. I think once I get started, the rest will fall into place. For now, I just need to show up and put myself out there. The signs will come once I allow.

Yesterday I posted a live video in a Facebook group I belong to and that felt GREAT! The more I push myself to post in a safe environment such as this group, the more comfortable I will be in putting myself out there overall. The lessons we are learning in this group are absolutely life changing. Such a supportive group – if I only show up!

My biggest lesson this week is understanding how much I stand on the sidelines and don’t participate. Everyone is posting videos and having so much fun interacting – and I’m just watching. The chat during the live calls is so active and engaging – but do I participate? No. It’s interesting to notice this about myself. How I show up in this group is quite indicative to how I show up in life! Always watching others from the sidelines and wondering why they’re having fun and I’m not. If I don’t show up, how does anyone know who I am?

Awareness is the first step toward change. As I said in the video I posted in the group: that shit stops NOW! I CHOOSE to show up and be seen. The rest will fall in place in time. I just need to show up and allow.