The World Inside My Head


“Dear Me,

Do you remember when you asked Ken Block of Sister Hazel to write your favorite words in the whole WORLD on a business card? Run with that! There was a reason for it.




A little over two years ago, that wonderful opportunity presented itself to me. If you know me at all, it’s not hard to understand why those lyrics mean so much to me. I need to REMEMBER these words though. I’m working hard at understanding myself these days and being OK with who I am. I WANT to blog, so why am I struggling to find my voice?

Well, let’s break down where the problems might be:

  • “I don’t have time to blog.” Why not? I don’t spend ALL my time sleeping, driving, at work, etc. Why can’t I find a few minutes to jot some words down? This is a limiting belief I am restricting myself with. I clearly have time to blog, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. I must be choosing to spend my time differently, in a way that is not serving me. That needs to stop.
  • “I am mentally exhausted.” Oh boy, it sure FEELS like it sometimes but why? Work is a challenge. My personal life is certainly challenging at times. I need to re-frame how I deal with certain situations, and understand which ones should NOT affect me.
  • “I am physically exhausted.” Well… I’m go go go all week and go go go all weekend. Learning to take one step back and rest when I can. I have some flexibility at work to be able to work from home sometimes. I need to learn to take advantage of that opportunity! Just a few less hours in the car would make a world of difference to me right now.
  • “No one cares what I have to say.” WHAT?!? Who said that? It wasn’t me! Or… perhaps it was, deep down somewhere inside of me. I’m not sure. I’ve been reading a book lately about figuring out how others view you. The book said when people were asked if they found themselves fascinating, most people said no. Huh. I’ve always found myself fascinating! In fact, it was the paragraph in that book that led me to my new domain name. I really felt drawn to the word “fascinating”. So if I find myself fascinating, why would I care how others feel about me? In reality, I don’t think I do care most of the time. Deep down though… there has to be something there.

I stumbled across a Facebook group recently that intrigued me. Normally not something that would catch my eye, but it did for some reason. I am SO glad it did!!! It lead me to a podcast that I absolutely can’t get enough of. Then there was a week long challenge in the Facebook group that was so unbelievably eye opening for me. I paid attention to the signs around me and followed my intuition – and signed up for the 6 week class that’s starting up in a week and a half! I don’t think things have completely sunk in quite yet, but when they do – watch out! I’ll be kicking all my limiting beliefs to the curb and KICKING ASS in life!