I Heart Stegosauruses!

– This entry was originally posted on a different blog that I was thinking of starting. I am coming back here for simplicity and central organization of some projects I am working on.

While I have spent much of my life feeling silenced by others (yes I know this is all on ME) I DO have very positive connections in my life these days – should I choose to recognize that. A very strong positive connection comes from a coaching group I’m in, the coach that runs it, and all the members of the group for that matter.

Sometime last year, my coach said (on a call) that I remind her of James Altucher. Ok. A little familiar with him, but I needed to know MORE. This sent me down one hell of a rabbit hole: I read a couple of his books, listened to several podcast episodes, and really mulled over what she said. Finally, a couple months later, I went back to this coach because I really needed to know what it was that caused her to make that comment. Oh my goodness! Her response brought tears to my eyes! Such wonderful qualities that she sees in me that she also sees in James Altucher. It made me like him so much more and really made me like ME so much more! Her exact words aren’t important here, but just trust they had an impact on me. Just this week I started re-reading “Choose Yourself”. I need to put myself back in the James Altucher world and really embody those qualities of mine!

Ah but what this coach has also done is given me FREEDOM to be ME! Yes… I know that’s all on ME in the first place. It’s still great to have someone who has your back and supports you – in whatever it is YOU want in life! What is it that I want anyway?

I Heart Stegosauruses!

I just want to be me. In ALL my “eccentricities”, all the “weird” things I like, all the stuff I like to do. Bouncing from idea to idea if that’s what I WANT. Who cares? It only affects me and I LIKE bouncing around. If I don’t want to follow that idea anymore – so be it. On to the next fun adventure of mine. I LOVE learning! It’s such a passion of mine. I like to learn one new thing, perhaps forget about it, move on to the next new thing. (Ah yes – I see that in James as well) It’s ok though – it’s ok for me to be ME. And that means I can obsess about stegosauruses all I want now…

On yet another call, my coach was telling us about a friend of hers that started an Instagram “obsession” feed that blew up with followers. I perked right up! Uh – I can do that! Ah… but what am I *truly* obsessed with. I mean REALLY TRULY OBSESSED. I mulled things over for a few days – and I was off and running. Hello Team Stegosaurus!

Wait… I can obsess about stegosauruses all I want and that’s OK? Sign me up please! This has opened up so much for me – I can’t even comprehend it. I started drawing stegosauruses. I put artwork on a mug and a tank top that I use and wear ALL the time! Silly, FUN drawings that make me so HAPPY. It doesn’t even matter to me if anyone else likes what I post. *I* like it and that’s all that matters. This is MY obsession and I simply invite others to join me. I am perfectly happy living in this world of mine and happy I am now sharing it with the world! This is all just part of me stepping into my true, AUTHENTIC, self.

I am very excited for the opportunities that are opening up for me, the more open I am and the more that I share what makes me ME. My plan is to create a space where I can also help others be their true authentic selves – whatever that may be. I am grateful for my coach that started opening these doors for me. Sometimes that’s all we need – a little inspiration from others to help us find our own path.