Choosing A New Instagram Username

As part of my blog “rebranding”, I feel like I need a new Instagram username. The current one is ok and goes well with the blog. I’m just feeling a pull to brand ME, not the blog.

This partially stems from the course I’m currently taking. I’m starting to understand how I show up in life. Rather, how I’m NOT showing up in life as I should. I have a voice. I have things to say. I’m not saying them!

Step one was removing the old content from my new life. Step two: who do I want to BE on my blog? How do I want to stand out, show up?

I’ve jotted down ideas all day Tuesday and I’m mulling them over. Most of them just don’t sound right. One stands out as the leader. It may have been solidified yesterday during my class call. It FEELS right. I’m just going to sleep on it to make sure. Not overthinking this one. Going with how I feel.