Turtle Turtle Synchronicity

A couple days ago, I had a strong urge to paint a turtle. Not sure where that came from, but ok. One thing led to another and I didn’t actually pull my paints out until today.

In the meantime, also two days ago, I decided to pull an animal card for guidance. I asked what I needed to know regarding a certain decision I was making.

Well hello synchronicity!! That was interesting. I’ve never pulled this card before, but clearly the turtle medicine was what I was meant to receive right now.

Turtle is here to remind me that slow and steady wins the race. Faster to my goal may not be the best path for me to take. Understood!

This card pull is also a reminder to connect with the power of the earth and the ally I have in Mother Earth. Ask for assistance and abundance will follow. Interesting indeed.

In consulting another book I have, Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small, I am told I should ask myself the following questions:

  • Are you not seeing what you should?
  • Are you not hearing what you should?
  • Are you or those around you not using discrimination?
  • Is life becoming too hectic?
  • Are we not taking time for ourselves?
  • Are we so busy that we can’t really see what is going on?

This book also recommends that I should “go within my shell and come out when my ideas are ready to be expressed.” All is available for me if I approach it in the right manner or time.

This leaves me a lot to think on and also falls right in line with my human design profile that I’ve started to study again. In time, I will share more on that. For now, I need to just sit with the turtle medicine.

It sure was fun to take a few minutes to play with my paints. The turtles came out so cute!