STOP Overthinking My Blog!

My Gratitude Journal


That was the voice I heard in my head yesterday morning as I was making breakfast. Rather loudly I must add! This was a first for me. At least the first time I heard something like that and knew where it came from and WHY.

So I got this super cute little notebook from a vendor that was trying to get our business at work. Grey is my favorite color and I just love the marble pattern. I put the stickers on to cover the logo. In case you didn’t already know – I love stegosauruses! Recently I got the urge to start writing down things I’m grateful for before I go to sleep. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now. Two nights ago I also got the urge to jot a little note to my subconscious mind in the margin. I just wanted to try asking for some guidance and I wanted to start with something simple. I simply asked for some clarity/guidance on what to do about my blog. (This stems from a course I am taking that I will talk about later.)

I used to blog – I blogged for years quite regularly. I recently let one website go because I had no use for it anymore. That was from my couponing/deal shopping days. My OLD personal blog I’m keeping, but I don’t blog there anymore. About a year ago I decided that my domain name didn’t resonate with me anymore. That was my OLD life. I found a new domain that I could work with that had more of a positive spin to it. This worked well for NEW me! For some reason, I wanted all the old content moved over and the old site redirected to this site. I did all the work to make that happen and I STILL wasn’t happy. It has been sitting that way for months and I STILL haven’t been blogging!

A few days ago I decided I didn’t want the old content on this site anymore. That’s OLD me and it should just stay on the old site. I can access it there if I want to. So I removed the redirect, deleted the content off this page, and started cleaning everything up. I still have a little work to do, but I’m MUCH happier now! NOW…. Now I will start blogging again!

But sheesh… overthink much?? I get it! I got the message! Thank you!!!

Just BE. Allow. The content will flow. I can already feel it.