I Used To Blog A LOT!

Last fall I got the bright idea to change my domain name. My old domain name wasn’t aligned with me anymore and I needed a new space to be myself. I found this domain and set it up. I re-branded Twitter, Instagram, and my Facebook page. I posted a couple of entries and… crickets… chirp chirp. Still not enough to find my voice apparently.

A couple weeks ago I suddenly had a brilliant idea! There HAD to be a way to transfer all the content from my old blog over to this one. Then I could redirect the old page to this one and be off and running. I did a little research and it turns out to be so EASY! Or so I thought…

WordPress has a built in importer and exporter under Tools:

EASY!!! I exported my old blog and it literally took only a few minutes. Back over to this blog and on to the next step:

And… that’s where I hit snags! Error. I try again. Error. I try again. Error. You get the picture. Frustrating to say the least!!

So I sat and thought about the best course of action for a few days. This blog only had two viable entries. I resolved to save those, wipe this page out, move my old content, and start over. It was a few more days before I finally decided to get started on this project. I logged into this blog and went to grab the post content. Imagine my surprise when I saw there were 200+ entries there!

Apparently the importer DID work. Sort of. There were some issues with pictures, so I had to find another plugin that would help with those. That plugin was buggy and didn’t bring all the pictures over properly. I manually went through and cleaned up the posts as best I could. And… here I am! With my NEW blog and seven years of content. Crazy! So if things look a little funky around here, just remember: it makes sense in MY head. That’s all that matters right now.

What an interesting trip down memory lane this whole project has been. Damn. I used to blog a LOT back then! I wonder what changed. Perhaps it was Facebook. At some point I just started posting random stuff on my Facebook page and less and less on my blog. And then… I stopped altogether. I’m trying to find my voice again. I think it’s going to take some time though. I’m working on it.

Happy to have a space that will better suit me.